The Morning Struggle

The monster rose to its full 10-foot height, crimson eyes narrowed down at her, ropy saliva hanging from its chipped fangs. A low, menacing growl rumbled in its throat and it took a step towards her, its massive bag of a stomach lurching from side to side as it moved.

She sighed. Surely it was too early for this. She hadn’t spoken to her Commander yet, hadn’t showered, hadn’t brushed her hair. Shucks, she hadn’t even taken her retainers out.

She unsheathed her sword, the faint light hovering around the blade flashing to life as she gripped the hilt. The monster paused, blinking in the sudden light, its growl fading to a puzzled silence.

“Shoo!” she cried, abruptly brandishing her sword in the creature’s direction. It stepped back with a whimper. Its costume of shadows dissolved, the monster seemed smaller now. “Thcram!” she yelled, lisping around her retainer. The beast scowled at the bright blade in her hand, turned its dirty back to her, and fled.

She waited to sheath her sword until the dark form had disappeared into the horizon. Well done, a voice echoed in her heart. And so early, too!

She smiled and tightened the belt on her bathrobe.

I think trying to live a Christian life in this world is the hardest thing a person can do; it’s a constant struggle at any given hour of the day or night. So to all of you fighting battles right now, be encouraged! The Lord is on your side, and He is faithful to bring victory!