Dancing With The World

As I sat down to my evening Bible reading, I realized I had crossed off the wrong thing on my chart and had gotten quite confused as to where I should be reading. I flipped through the precious Book, trying to find my proper place and check where I had really left off, different from what the chart now told me.

As I looked, I once again noticed the odd, slightly empty feeling that had been plaguing me for a while, like there was something not quite right. I hoped my Bible might rectify the situation, as it so often did.

I turned to my place in Psalms and my eye fell upon chapter 45, which was scheduled for tomorrow. Yet the words seemed to reach out to me, inviting me to read them.

“Listen, O daughter, Consider and incline your ear; forget your own people also, and your father’s house; so the King will greatly desire your beauty; because He is your Lord, worship Him.”

Psm. 45:10-11

The phrase “daughter” caught my eye. In a Bible full of metaphorical sons, it was refreshing to find this single, meaningful word. Daughter. He was writing just to me.

But what was He saying? Forget my family? Well, this was obviously a figure of speech, but how was I to interpret it? That I was to abandon this life and sail to Africa as a missionary?

I scanned my footnotes for something regarding these verses, and found the commentator’s note, which read:

Forget means more than leaving parents as in Gen. 2:24. The bride of a king was often from another nation, and so she had to break with her own culture to marry, just as Christians mow must forsake marriage to worldly things in order to be part of the bride of Christ.”

Oh, so that was what He was saying; the idea He wanted me to get. Makes sense.


The knife suddenly twisted in my heart. So that’s what’s wrong. The separation from Him, His love, the beautiful righteousness and right living He longed for.

I had been “dancing with the world.” Nothing blatant, just a minor flirtation here and there. One too many secular videos, three too many secular songs, four too many hours on the internet. Time I should have spent with Him. Time that added up to something I had hardly noticed, tugging me away from the Prince I so loved.

I needed to stop this illicit affair before it went any further. I’m already taken, betrothed to Someone far greater! Who was I to break such a sacred trust?

So, here’s to a fresh start as I approach my 17th birthday (a month away now), making better choices in the small things, keeping my heart pure for my King. It’s constant fight; the world’s allure is powerful. But entirely defeatable with His Word.

Will you join me in this challenge to live for Him with all our hearts?