Mysterious Beasts in the Bible

I think some of the animals the Bible mentions are quite interesting. Take, for instance, the mention of a unicorn in Psalm 22:21.

A unicorn?!

Hey, those legends had to have come from something. And while man’s imagination has come up with many a strange jabberwocky, the Bible can be trusted on these points, being the inspired Word of God.

And that’s why it’s so interesting.

This morning, as part of my scheduled reading, I was assigned Job 41. This chapter’s detailed description of Leviathan—a mysterious titan of the deep—always leaves me breathless.

This monster has airtight scales that no human weapon can puncture (vv. 16, 26). He kindles coals with his breath and flames come out of his mouth (vv. 21). He is unimaginably powerful—yet gracefully formed, with eyes like the morning (vv. 12, 18). On this earth, there is nothing like him (vv. 33).

Too bad there aren’t any at the zoo.

At any rate, God’s creation is incredible…but not to be worshiped before its Creator. During this Holy Week, don’t forget what He did for us!

Have a blessed day, friends!

Obeying Joshua

During my Bible reading this morning, I came across this scripture:

“So they answered Joshua, saying…“Whoever rebels against your command and does not heed your words, in all that you command him, shall be put to death. Only be strong and of a good courage.”

Joshua 1:16,18

So, Joshua had just gotten done giving a short, uplifting speech to the children of Israel after Moses’ death, and now they’re answering him. And that’s what they said. That anyone who rebelled against his command would be put to death.

Amazing, huh? I wonder what would happen if we implemented that in modern-day America. It would probably be considered a “cruel and unusual” punishment, and we’d have lawsuits out our ears, accordingly. It really wouldn’t work that great with a democracy, anyway.

But there’s still dictators out there today who use this method! Only now I think they’re called tyrants. And the nation is a “restricted” one. Maybe a police state?

So does that make Joshua a tyrant too? No. Here’s the differences between Joshua and your typical modern-day tyrant:

  1. Joshua was appointed of God and led Israel accordingly. He bowed to a higher power, unlike most dictators today.
  2. The people he was leading put this system into place, not Joshua. They wanted to follow him, and decided to get rid of those few who disagreed with God’s chosen leader.

Just a few thoughts for a Thursday morning. 🙂 Have a blessed day, y’all!