Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out


full dumpster

Our family has a problem. 

If we get something, we keep it.


Please don’t visit our basement.

On the one hand, this is very useful—we have many family heirlooms with decades, even centuries, of history behind them.  When we need a certain something, we usually have it.

And then there’s the other hand. “Look, we still have a bin of ratty, holey dressup from when you were 5! Why do we still have it?”  “Well, I was going to use that dress in my next photoshoot with a friend…”  And the bin goes back on the shelf.

So, lately, we’ve been working on truly cleaning out. (Or trying to.) My good friend Amy is a wonderful example of this—if she doesn’t need or use something, she throws it out!  What a novel thought. 

But in order to what you have that needs cleaning out, you have to clean up first. I did that with my room recently—and was amazed! I do have a desk underneath the gargantuan piles of unused books, notebooks, random pieces of clothing, hair accessories, photoshoot accessories, camera equipment, computer equipment, old schoolbooks, and random paper.  Amazing. 

And after putting everything away, it was a beautifully satisfying feeling to dust everything (so my friends would stop writing their names—jk!), and get out some fresh decorations from the basement (stop laughing, please) to tie the theme more together.  My room is now a haven of peacefulness.

But in all seriousness, I’ve found that this same principal applies spiritually.  Lots (ok, most) of us have something holding us down. Mine was childhood fear of several things—even though they were quite irrational, and nothing God couldn’t take care of!  It can also be confusion about something—I’ve certainly suffered from that!  Confusion of identity.  Confusion of right and wrong. Confusion of faith.  It’s spiritual clutter.

Remember, God does not endorse confusion—He is the giver of peace! (1 Cor. 14:33)

So, take a good long look at yourself and pray about what isn’t benefitting you spiritually. If it isn’t peaceful, it probably isn’t God!  Clean it up and out!

Pray for me as I continue to do this same thing.

And pray for our family’s sanity as we tackle the basement.  Ugh.