The “Eye-Gate”

“I  will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside, it shall not cleave to me.”
Psa. 101:3 KJV
It has struck me again just how important this verse is.  And in this age in this world, so full of wickedness, corruption, and perversion, it’s very hard to follow!
We as Christians are the light of the world; a city set on a hill. (Mat. 5:14)  This light has to come from inside of us, resultant of Christ’s work in us.  And how can that happen if that inside is full of darkness?
My mother painted this mental picture for me when I was little:  the eye-gate.  Think of your eyes as gates.  What are you letting past them?  The King’s messengers?  His light, life, and love?  Or the darkness and corruption of the world that comes in so many different forms?
In this age of television and YouTube, we have to be extremely careful of what we watch.  Most of the time, seeing these things happens inadvertently.  We flip the channel, and boom!  Filth and immorality are filling the room.  We frantically change the channel again, only to find something worse.  Or we click over to YouTube to watch a seemingly innocent video, and presto!  More filth in the video, the sidebars, the comments.
But if we know that there’s always the possibility of this happening, why do we persist in taking the chance of letting more junk in through our eye-gate?
Because it looks innocent on the outside.
Because it’s only a little bit.
Because…well, to be frank, sometimes our flesh actually enjoys it.
Our eyes are so very susceptible to wickedness.  Nothing seems to affect us quite as much as actually seeing it.  So, why take the chance?  Don’t go to the channel you know will be bad.  Don’t go to YouTube and search for questionable videos.
Not sure what to do now that you’re not being entertained?  Try reading the Bible.  God won’t let you down for guarding your eye-gate and picking Him over everything else!
Have a blessed SONday!